The Downtown Fairfax Coalition

New Design Issues

Public parking in Old Town Fairfax
Pedestrian and vehicular traffic in Old Town Fairfax
Status of Old Town Village redevelopment
Under grounding electric easements for ground mounted transformers and underground lines to them
Future redevelopment projects in Old Town
Review and revision of current and proposed Zoning Ordinances
Land planning and land use in Downtown Fairfax

Operational Issues

Marketing downtown Fairfax

Our new efforts include development of two web sites, which is an informational site directed to the public to describe the Coalition and its activities to the public.  The second web site is  which is designed as a hub which will direct visitors to merchants, restaurants, businesses and activities downtown and be linked to
other web sites serving the city.

Cleaning and maintenance in downtown Fairfax
Flowers and landscaping in downtown

Police presence to maintain public safety and preserve the sense of a secure and prosperous downtown

Utility maintanence

Traffic management