The Downtown Fairfax Coalition

Our Past Accomplishments:

Promoted the selection and installation of the gas street lights throughout Old Town Fairfax

Designed and had installed entrance signs to the Old Town Fairfax historic district

Identified locations for and promoted on street parking in Old Town Fairfax on Main Street, Chain Bridge Road, Old Lee Highway, University Drive.

Promoted and endorsed the return of two way traffic on Main Street and North Street

Promoted the creation of additional public parking lots in
Old Town Fairfax

Lobbied for the City of Fairfax to provide realistic analysis of Old Town Fairfax’s parking needs now, resulting in the identification of a shortfall of at least 200 spaces which need to be accommodated.

Promoted changes to the zoning ordinance to encourage ground floor retail in the existing buildings in downtown

Promoted changes to the City of Fairfax zoning ordinance for signage for businesses

Created and have run the Community Farmers market to help draw more people downtown. The market has been in operation since 1995 and currently is located in the Fairfax County parking lot at West Street and Main Street.

Created and have run the Community Farmers' Market web site

Created and have run the Antique Car Show with the Early Ford V8 Club, Historic Fairfax Inc. and the City of Fairfax since 2001

Promoted cooperative advertising among the local merchants in Old Town Fairfax through creation of the merchants guide

Promoted the selection and installation of benches, street pots and other street furniture to make the Old Town Fairfax more welcoming and attractive